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 After being produced "the ferrari of sea", New target is to export 57 Advanced MRTP-33 to USA

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MesajKonu: After being produced "the ferrari of sea", New target is to export 57 Advanced MRTP-33 to USA   Cuma Şub. 18, 2011 11:56 pm

Military and civilian users, which manufactures boats Yonca-Onuk partnership, the U.S. Coast Guard to the 'high-speed boat' is getting ready to produce.
American defense giant Northrop Grumman to this end the company has made an agreement with. American military authorities' okay 'for 57 units' Kaan 33' class guard boat will sail across the Atlantic. Vice Chairman Ekber clover-Onuk Onuk, the products manufactured by firms in Turkey is the world technology leader said. Success of the "then this Ferrari, or a Boeing Porsche then something like this to produce in Turkey." Vice President would defining knack said to be the original design.

Turkish defense industry, the last period of the attack is successful with the original technology and designs. Maritime companies operating in Tuzla Istanbul Yonca-Onuk, Coast Guard respond to the needs of the assault boat has a technological infrastructure. The company's Class A national resource designed boots Kaan, Customs General Directorate of Protection and Health Ministry of Health General Directorate of Border and within the beach is being used. Pakistan Naval Forces Command also meets the needs of the boat company's new target the U.S. market.

America, after the end of the Cold War, announced as the new threats in 1994 against terror 'launched the Integrated Deepwater Project. Approximately 15 billion dollar budget for the project was envisaged share. After the September 11 attacks, the 'Homeland Security' is the name of protecting its own citizens the priority of U.S. efforts to prevent a naval force was set up. The tender for the project to Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman angle consortium won. U.S. Coast Guard equipment and the project organization in terms of legislation was completely unforeseen renewal.

Northrop Grumman is the responsibility of the unit installed floating, high-tech, fast boats 35-45 feet in length need to meet with Yonca-Onuk decided. For this purpose, for technology transfer between the two companies was signed preliminary protocol. If the U.S. Coast Guard officials acknowledge the company's bid is at the threshold will be an important Turkish Defense Sanayii'nde. Yonca-Onuk, to four years in the U.S. Coast Guard organization, the total length of 35-45 meters will deliver 57 boats.

Turkish company's Vice Chairman Onuk, in the Deepwater project to select its own reason explained: "Now anyone in the U.S. research and development funds do not want to give. Appropriate if you have ready goods it wants to buy. We are the last 20 years in this area are working. U.S. Coast The types of security needs of organizations in a boat was produced by us. Kaan 33 class boat, the Turkish Coast Guard in this mission is done. We in America a bit more advanced Kaan 33 offer. " Success they will go down in history who expressed Onuk, "others did it, but if imitation can be the second. Information is very important investment. Sustainable unique advantages than others to learn quickly. We all quickly learned from. And we are doing better than we have described." He says.

Bot was given to his son's name

Yonca-Onuk's' Kaan 'world's fastest speedboat in class, the name lost in traffic accidents in 1996, the son of Onuk Ekber taken from. He graduated from Istanbul Technical University Onuk, between the years 1971-75 'Otosan has worked in Product Development Department. Under age 30 Basic Atay, Claude Nahum, Jan Nahum, Kudret Önen where names such as' known 'is a team trained in the infrastructure. Designed to be manufactured in Turkey were the first car, the 'Anadol STC16 the work of this team. Onuk, working on the 8th The late President Turgut Ozal's support on major says. Today, Özal's perspective needs to be big in the opinion: "Özal 1989 'Atakoy Marina came to the landing. We own our products' Yontech 45' boats were there with. Ylmaztürk akir our Chairman, to Özal 'This boat entirely Turkish design and construction, with your permission I'd like to show you. " he said. Özal, the boat would pass by Fenerbahçe'ye. And we wanted to go by boat. boat like Özal who exported them to the future, if a need has requested us to come along. We do all the innovations that have transferred. "
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After being produced "the ferrari of sea", New target is to export 57 Advanced MRTP-33 to USA
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